Who Am I?

This is me. (Not the baby, the goofwad behind him.)
This is me. (Not the baby, the goofwad behind him.)

I guess when you decide to start up a personal blog, you need to at least identify who you are. Seems only fair and it will help explain the name of this blog. My name is Todd Crapper (see?) and as this is the online world of imagination and lies, you might know me by my online nom de guerre – I am the Warden, an award-winning tabletop game designer/publisher, a professional graphic designer/social media specialist, blogger (duh!), new father and homeowner, avid hiker (returning after a long break from the trails), and so much more.

Alright, that’s all fine and good but what exactly does that mean for this blog? What’s my goal here? Honestly, this is a venue to simply express myself. This is not my first rodeo and you can check out my previous blog, I Am The Warden!, which focused solely on my game designer ventures and tabletop gaming in general. As time’s gone on and life has chosen a new route for me, it seemed only fitting to widen the scope of my writing to cover… well, everything. Think of it as a kind of warm-up for anything else that’s on my plate. Maybe I’ll vent about something bothersome at work, carry on with praise for something fantastic, or simply ramble on about something that perplexes me (I have a tendency of rambling when I’m trying to figure something out, so be prepared for a lot of that).

Honestly, I felt like I had a clearer vision for this when I decided to pull the trigger. This draft is the third one attempted tonight, but there’s really no clear series of objectives for this blog. It’s mine and I want to do it. If you’d like to join me for the ride, click away and enjoy.