What I’m Working On

A restless mind never rests… or something like that. You know what? I’ll work on figuring that one out too, along with these other projects currently on my desk.

High Plains Samurai

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-12-14-55-amPublisher: Broken Ruler Games
System: ScreenPlay
Projected Release Date: Public playtest begins February 2017; crowdfunding May 2017; projected final release early- to mid-2018
Anyone who knows me and/or has been following my work will know this project has been a long time coming. It’s also the reason why ScreenPlay exists. HPS is a Wild West/depression era gangster/barbarian/steampunk/post-apocalyptic/wushu story… with mutant powers. Think of this one as ScreenPlay on acid.

You can learn more about High Plains Samurai on the Broken Ruler Games website.

Light of Day

Publisher: Ginger Goat
System: Original system
Projected Release Date: February/March 2017
Originally submitted as a Game Chef 2016 entry, this mini-game looked like it was going to sit in limbo as I tried to sort out what to do with it. That is until Ginger Goat’s Josh Jordan put out an open call for mini-games involving government espionage. I’m happy to say Light Of Day has been accepted into this collection along with other yet-announced games. Plus it’s been edited by Jeremy Morgan, who has worked on some Fate stuff in the past, so you know they’re taking it seriously. It’s a game of an inside job to swipe top secret data from a government organization and get in the hands of a reporter told through traditional face-to-face interaction describing everyone’s surface actions and secret text messages to detail hidden ploys to get the job done.

You can read the original Game Chef draft from here.


Publisher: Ginger Goat
System: Original system
Projected Release Date: Winter/Spring 2017
Designed as a hack of Josh Jordan’s The Sky Is Grey And You Are Distressed, this is a project my wife and I have been working on together (which has been a really nice bonus). It’s a political satire of the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that focuses solely on these two and the true nature of their connections, be they true or over exaggerated. Because both of these world leaders bring a lot of emotional baggage with them, we wanted to make sure this game did not highlight their countries, political parties, or serious real world issues and rather play out as a satire of the individuals.