You know those times when you’re frantically running around to try and finish something upcoming and it feels like you’re not even close to meeting your deadline. Then something happens and you have to come to a dead stop, only to realize you’re actually right on pace or ahead of schedule. Yeah, that happened this past week and that’s a damn good thing because the thing that made me stop to learn this was having my Mac suffer a significant technical issue. Since I was working on updating the text and layout for the Kickstarter draft of HPS, a short burst of panic soon became a long, slow breath of fresh air.

If there’s a theme to this update, it’s progress against adversity. Failing forward, if I can use a gaming term. Not everything can work out, especially when it comes to prepping a marketing campaign for anything. Your time is always restricted by the deadline and sometimes, just like in game design, you have to kill your darlings in order to hit that deadline. It doesn’t make it less of a campaign, just one that won’t having synchronized mermaids in an underwater musical number. Sigh.

For this second update on the Kickstarter prep for High Plains Samurai, it’s all about the layout, video editing, and a little Ballad in the works. There’s been some work on the KS page itself but I’ll get into that once there’s something locked and ready to preview.

HPS: The Kickstarter: The Video

Being a film school dropout and needing to put together a crowdfunding video can only spell trouble. Any chance a film school dropout has to pick up the camera and start shooting something – ANYTHING! – they’re going to try and rewrite history. And for a short while, that looked like it was going to happen and I totally blame (and thank) Kieron O’Gorman for almost making it happen.

When you’re promoting an action game, you need to provide a sense of action. And when you have a lot of martial arts/wire-fu combat in your game, you need to show that too. And an eclectic cast of character? Duh, ya gotta have that too. To help pull this off, there was a group of local cosplayers who were more than happy to step in and appear as extras. We had a location, I had a crew of volunteers, I had an idea. Unfortunately, due to a combination of late planning and Ottawa Comic Con (meaning there is no such thing as a cosplayer not standing on that convention floor that weekend), it was not to be. Not to say it will never happen, just not in time to meet the deadline for launching this Kickstarter.

What I’ve started on now is something that will really play up on the marketing campaign as well as tease things about the game. That’s all I’m going to say for the moment. The rest would spoil the fun.

Updating the Kickstarter Draft

I read my games to my son at bedtime. Yes, including Killshot. I read High Plains Samurai to him and made some notes for the exclusive backers only copy available to everyone when they back the project. It went into layout so everyone could see what the game will look like when it’s ready. That layout is 96% done. And yeah, computer issues. A PDF is only a few minor alterations and an export away from completion but the has now been moved to the final weekend before launch date. The video (and the page itself) need to be submitted by Thursday, May 28th. The PDF can wait.

There are some differences and additions between this draft and the Rehearsal Edition (which has now come to a close). The biggest one involves motivations, now divided into three types to help players establish some baseline connections between characters as well as the story. Plus some little tweaks here and there. While this version does not indicate the entire game (the whole version of the Kickstarter is to determine exactly how in-depth this game will get), it will provide everyone with a clear vision for what High Plains Samurai will be all about.

Ballad of a High Plains Samurai

Last week, my good friend and fellow game designer, Fraser Ronald, announced he had written four chapters of an origin story for one of the One Land’s central villains, Black Scorpion. This story will be posted during the course of the Kickstarter to help showcase this complex and vital character as being more than just a cold-blooded killer. It’s also a teaser for the first stretch goal, because Fraser will finish her story if I can raise at least $5k. Everything accounting for her time with the monks of Heaven’s Peak, how she learned to control her qi power, fall in love, and settle into a peaceful life before the warlords and their combined military might brought back the Black Scorpion.

Fraser’s submitted these first four chapters and my editor, Vincent Harper, is doing his thang. I’ll be releasing one chapter every Thursday during the Kickstarter on the BRG site.

Keep On Keepin’ On…

Right, time to get back to it. Tonight, I’m being interviewed by Jason Cordova from The Gauntlet podcast and after that I’m taking a breather from some prep work as it’s Cangames weekend. Seeing as I’m on the committee and there’s always a buttload of work to do for any con during the final days, that mistress definitely requires some time. If you’re an Ottawantonian, hope to see you there. Otherwise, until next time…


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